In this game you must gather an army of Slime heroes and defeat the bosses in 3 different levels : The Garden, the Castle and the Dungeon.

To help you, you'll find on your way slime to create new soldiers and cool items to give them and make them stronger.

Find your own strategy to beat all your enemies.


Enemies will drop object you can equip, and improve your stats (Attack, Defense, Dodge and Critical Hits). You can give it, take it back, give it to another hero and the more you play the better they get.


Christophe Coyard : developer (@twotinydice)

Aurélien Demey : sound designer (@Orelbisou)

Jeanne Prigent : game artist (@JanePrigent)

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags2D, Cute, Funny, Medieval, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Tactical, Top-Down, Turn-based


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Really good game, but it desperately needs a speed up button. 

It gets sooo boring when your slimes are stacked, have 100 + attack, and are STILL only doing 1 damage - on critical hits too! OH AND that is IF the attack hits to begin with, the enemies dodge rate is P A I N. 

Then there's the issue that only about 5 slimes are in the battle at one time. 

This means that the other, - I dunno - 10+ slime clones, are just standing in the doorway, on top of eachother, doing nothing, while the lone 5 slimes are fighting an army of 15+ enemies, on their own.

It becomes so slow. 

The first area went by so fast and was really satisfying, but the second area.... it's sooooo slow, and boring, and my inner completionist is screaming bloody murder at the idea of skipping any rooms. -_- at this rate - I'll grow old and die before I even reach the 2nd boss.

TL/DR: Game would be fun if it wasn't so tedious. I gave up after lv 56

3/5 stars

Deleted post

Cool game in the beginning but the dodge and armor stats are too efficient so the last dungeon is just a waiting game with an army of untouchable Slimes. Cool art and sound design too o/